Tag & Locate is a location based e-commerce application that provides a platform for the businesses to showcase their products to the consumer. It's a platform that serves to promote SMEs and provides the consumers a unique experience by serving as an interaction platform between them.


The client wanted a product that provided a complete ecommerce solution that helped even local businesses get online and sell their products hassle-free. At the same time, the application had to provide a solution for the consumers facing difficulties for searching products in the vast locality. The challenge was to create an UI/UX that would be flawless and easy to use for the users while still being able to showcase the sheer variety of products and services provided by the businesses. The solution also needed to create a viable interface that could integrate all the features of an e-commerce platform form your shopping cart to the delivery option while having access to all sorts of payment procedures.


Keeping the client’s requirements in the spotlight, the team designed and developed the application named Tag & Locate. Our team created a simplified and practical classification system that segregated the businesses into their own meaningful categories giving the consumers a simple way to navigate to their desired products. We developed a feature that allowed to differentiate businesses within the same proximity. With the help of RDS(Relational Database Services) based on AWS(Amazon Web Services), a secure database was created to ensure fast and efficient data operations. A dedicated chat feature was developed to ensure that the consumers can efficiently interact with the business owners and negotiate on their own terms. The application was elaborately designed to streamline product ordering and delivery, making it dreadfully simple and outperforming for businesses and consumers alike. The app is a scalable and secure solution that serves do its job properly.


Our mobile solution provided an opportunity for the businesses to grow scaling the economy at a fast pace. The app brought home huge customer base and support for its utility and increasing functionality. As a result, we became the client’s development team to scale the project even more.