Laibary is a online book transaction platform that helps readers to buy, sell, rent and trade books all over in Nepal. It’s a platform that promotes the book readers community in Nepal and help them to have a satisfying and convenient way to grab their favourite books.


The client wanted to create a platform that made getting your desired book a lot easier and economical. Our needed to build a robust library for maintaining a huge amount of books while simultaneously keeping track of all the transactions taking place in real time. The platform also needed to provide constant alerts and notifications regarding new updates in the database to the users regarding their books. A reliable system needed to be setup to facilitate the transactions occurring on the platform to keep trading and selling convenient. The platform needed a solution to keep track of all the books rented out while providing users alerts about it. All of the features needed to be wrapped under a neat and convenient user interface.


Keeping the client’s requirements in the spotlight, the team designed and developed the platform named Laibary. Our team created a robust backend system that handled all the data manipulation, managing the huge amount of information transaction with ease while giving the users a convenient way to navigate to their desired books. We developed a feature that allows real time update of all the books present in the bookshelves to the users. With the help of RDS(Relational Database Services) based on AWS(Amazon Web Services), a secure database was created to ensure fast and efficient data operations. A dedicated tool was developed to ensure that the readers can efficiently interact with the others and trade with ease. The platform was designed to let the users reach their desired books while being able to use any of the available methods to enjoy a fine reading experience.


Our platform has let readers all over Nepal find and transact books easier than ever. This had led to an increase in the number of satisfied book readers and increased economics growth in the literature section. The platform has been successful in letting thousands of people read their favourite books at affordable costs.