EkGhanti by Vimvox Lab is the first and only toll free missed call number service provider in Nepal. The platform provides unique EkGhanti Toll Free numbers for your business which you can use to expand and grow your market, engage your users and provide great customer experience - just based on missed calls.


The client wanted a solution for its growing market needs and to engage its customer base. The solution had to solve the business’ customer retention ability and grow its customer base by using innovative marketing campaigns with high Return On Investment(ROI) and minor costs. We also needed to provide reliable customer engagement and customer care services.


EkGhanti’s unique services were highly tailored towards providing the much needed customer satisfaction. The platform excels at providing a variety of features that caters to customer engagement and customer care services. EkGhanti’s Engagement Management System(eGMS) brought a variety of ways which made customer interaction, gaining potential leads and analysing customer behaviour highly convenient and simple. The service provided unique number on which the customers would give a quick missed call and gain information, just like that. It was simple and easy and the information could be customised depending upon client’s needs. The whole process was automated requiring only a missed call and satisfying the customer without involving much time and resources. Besides, giving a missed call and getting a call back wass more preferable and easier than contacting through messages, regular calls and emails.


The solution provided an opportunity for the business to grow at a fast pace. The services brought increasing customer base and support for its utility and increasing functionality. The solution was seen as a whole new era of marketing tactics.